Bio-Mat™ – The best urinal block holder and perfume mat on the market

The new Bio-Mat™ is a cutting-edge innovation that combines a urinal block holder with a perfume mat and is specifically suited for use in all types of wall hung urinals. The block holder houses the best available biological urinal blocks which have been specially formulated to reduce odour problems and blockages in urinals. Specific strains of friendly bacteria have been incorporated in the blocks that increases biological and enzymatic cleaning efficiency in removing fats, uric-scale, and solids, that build up in urinal traps and pipework; the major causes of odours and blockages.

Reduced costs

The combined perfume mat and block adaptation will deliver the very best value by providing a lower cost structure, and dramatically reduced waste. This solution delivers substantial savings on both washroom maintenance and water bills as the need for constant flushing is reduced while improving the cleaning regime at the same time. An added benefit is the ability to re-use the block holder and mat several times while only the biological urinal block needs to be replenished.

Better environmental credentials

This innovative design incorporates the best available biological dosing of urinal drains, combined with a perfume mat, to deliver the best environmentally sustainable solution whilst also providing maximum waste reduction.

Popular choice People like the Bio-Mat™ because it will work in 100% of applications ranging from smart-flush to low-flush urinals, from waterless to full-flush types; virtually any ceramic or stainless wall-hung variety. Having been successfully trailed for well over a year, the Bio-Mat™ also delivers the best results in its market segment. With a 3-month lifespan for the perfume mat, and 12-months for the block holder, the Bio-Mat™ delivers a maximum environmentally sustainable benefit.

This leading-edge biological cleaning innovation:

  • Will work effectively in all wall-hung urinals
  • Assists in preventing blocked traps and pipes
  • Supports water saving urinal configurations
  • Contains a pleasant odour neutralising perfume
  • Assists in waste reduction
  • Is reusable and refillable
  • Safer to use than most available perfume mats
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