Biological Cleaning Solutions


Chemicals that have been specially manufactured for cleaning have been around since the early 1900’s.
It’s only recent that we are going back to biological cleaning solutions to use less chemicals.

Since the dawn of human history, water and a little effort was the main line of attack to removing dirt and impurities. Meanwhile, products present in nature or are derived from natural sources using pleasant perfumes were used to do the job. Since the 1900’s a variety of chemical cleaning products have been developed to make cleaning seemingly easier and faster.

This has been the case ever since with little consideration of its impact on human well-being and the health of natural habitats. It became simply easier and cheaper to throw large volumes of cleaning chemicals at dirt, grime, stain and odour problems. Alarmingly, perfumes are often combined with cleaning chemicals to mask their ineffectiveness.

Due to rapid growth in global population, an increase in reliance on perfumed chemicals for persistent cleaning problems emerged. It’s clear that our activities harm both ourselves and the environment which needs to change. A return to naturally occurring and derived cleaning agents became fashionable again, along with a limited capacity to provide sustained cleaning effectiveness. Enter biological cleaning solutions.

Biological cleaning solutions use specially selected strains of friendly bacteria which produce enzymes that attack cleaning problems at the source. Much like probiotics we take to maintain a healthy balance, the non-pathogenic organisms in biological cleaning products target cleaning problems. These provide a protective coating which serves as a natural protection against future contamination.

Using biological cleaning solutions provide a number of benefits over using large volumes of harsh and hazardous chemical cleaning products:

  • Proven improved performance
  • Simplified cleaning regime
  • Proactive vs. reactive
  • Eliminates odour at the source
  • Fixing rather than masking
  • Sustained release over time
  • Quantifiable reduction in water usage
  • Eliminate pipe blockages
  • Reduced exposure to hazardous and pungent chemicals
  • In many cases a reduction in waste

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