How We Work


If you believe the greatest asset you have in your business is your team, then the good news is that you are well on the way to providing the catalyst for change.

Who we work with

Sanitaire Bio-Products have a proven track record of helping a range of businesses and organisations spanning a number of industry sectors; and our strongest engagement is with the cleaning and services segment.

Our whole-organisation approach means that we are experienced in helping every member of an organisation’s structure, starting with cleaners, and also including operations supervisors, estimators and every level of managerial staff.

We value each person as an integral part of a successful organisation, regardless of their position or experience.

Disrupt and prosper

We have a firm belief that organisations that choose to disrupt the established way of doing things, those that are agile and embrace positive change, are well placed to set themselves apart from the rest of their industry.

The value they bring to the marketplace is the necessary point-of-difference that will ot just help them retain existing relationships, but also win new contracts and customers. And the biological cleaning approach is very much disruptive.

It seeks to challenge the norms that have becomes so characteristic of voluminous, toxic and harmful chemical cleaning products that do little other than mask the problem rather than treating it at the source.

What the future looks like

Young people are becoming increasingly bold as they understand they both have a voice, and an articulate message, for what they want their future to look like. And they simply do not accept the attitude: “because we’ve always done it this way’. They are interested in their personal health and wellbeing, and environment they will inherit from those that have managed it before them; and they don’t like what they’re observing: a nonchalant disregard for the damaging footprint that manufactured materials and chemicals are leaving behind.

Any organisation that makes the time to review their current approaches to cleaning will be seen as responsible custodians by future generations.

Our Process

Businesses with an outstanding culture consistently rate highly with the following values. How do you think your business stacks up?


Step 1: Conversation

Two-way communication that is characterised by asking strategic questions and attentive listening facilitates a conversation that produces problem solving outcomes. And this conversation is equally relevant regardless of the ranking of an individual within an organisation.


Step 2: Assessment

Only organisations with focused tools, that are able to identify a problem where it apparently doesn’t exist, will be able to add value where it’s not perceived. In so doing, they can provide quantifiable, targeted solutions that set them apart from the rest of the field in their industry.


Step 3: Proposal

The proposal that stands out, delivers what is promised, in keeping with the rate that was agreed to. Unlike the set-and-forget line put forward by many in the cleaning and services industries, the service-centric approach distinguishes your proposal because the focus is on the client, not the bidder.


Step 4: Implementation

As with the proposal, delivering what was promised is the signature of excellence that is written all over its implementation.


Step 5: The Work

Cleaning and servicing is not an intuitive task. Grounded in intensive training, with ongoing learning and resourcing, it leads to frontline staff that feels valued as they represent the face of the organisation. They are able to add more value than mere cleaning and servicing, thereby assisting in monitoring, estimating and the fine-tuning of operational decision-making.


Step 6: Monitoring

Clients that receive regular reports that are the product of ongoing monitoring, feel that they are getting value for money. They can also rest assured that theirs is not just another set-and-forget job.

Creating a strong company culture isn’t just good business, it’s the right thing to do, and it makes your company better for all stakeholders – employees, management, and customers.

Julia Hartz – Founder of Eventbrite

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