Less is Best; Bio-Right n' Easy TM
Less is Best; Bio-Right n’ Easy TM

Cutting costs seems to be the most obvious way anyone in the cleaning industry can try to outcompete their competitors. And cutting costs means getting by with cheaper and inferior cleaning products, fewer staff, less time spent onsite, and cutting corners where it’s not too obvious to the customer.

In contrast however, implementing biological cleaning alternatives as an approach often requires one product to do the work of many, releases staff to concentrate on other tasks thereby increasing their productivity, and provides a protective and proactive barrier to odour-causing waste.

The very nature of biological cleaning products is that the friendly bacteria keep producing odour-eliminating enzymes long after chemical cleaners have stopped working; essentially an enzyme factory that thrives off grime and waste. Even enzymic cleaners have a limited lifespan, quickly diminishing in effectiveness after their initial application.

And it’s this simple and friendly biological process that achieves the seemingly impossible goal of ‘less is best’; or simply put ― Bio-right n’ Easy TM.

Cutting cost at any cost is a very simplistic and short-term solution to winning tenders and staying in business. Contractors include conventional cleaning products in their submission that does not deal with the problem first time every time. There is also an acute shortage of willing labour, coupled with the difficulty in finding good people in key roles. Is it any wonder that any such business in the cleaning industry finds it difficult to sustain customer satisfaction?

So, if good people are hard to find, the prices of cleaning products are going up, and you want to be a more efficient, cost-effective operation; where do you start? By adopting a simplified approach ― less is best.

What does this ‘Bio-right n’ Easy’ approach look like in practice? Utilising proven and trusted biological cleaning solutions in the place of conventional and often hazardous cleaning chemicals translates into smaller overheads and higher efficiency. An added bonus would be less waste and a much smaller environmental footprint. Pairing this with getting and retaining better people, and solutions that work the first time its applied; a more coordinated response can be achieved. This is essentially changing the company-wide mindset which differentiates them from their competitors. How many businesses are focused on doing that?

Bio-right n’ Easy is an approach that uses biological cleaning products together with a tailored approach to provide sustained results and protection, whilst saving costs, increasing productivity, and reducing harmful impacts on health and the environment.

So, how do we:

  • win this tender?
  • build trust?
  • reduce complaints?
  • keep good staff?
  • retain this contract for a longer period?
  • decrease our environmental footprint?
  • reduce chemical use?
  • facilitate asset protection?
  • effectively deliver a value proposition?
  • differentiate ourselves from competition?
  • present an approach that will make a difference?

      … go Bio-Right n’ Easy

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