Our Philosophy


Our philosophy is service first, product second. Our business is not about selling cleaning products, it is about providing a holistic approach to cleaning solutions.

Dedicated to solutions

Sanitaire Bio-Products is passionate about providing the best possible solutions, we are servants to our clients, their staff and their clients. Its founder Gene, encourages his team to be positive contributors, to see themselves as part of their client’s team, and part of the community where the decisions and recommendations you make have greater impact then just what you are cleaning.

With this type of commitment Gene sees Sanitaire Bio-Products as a strategic supplier. “We exist to engage with our partners to find out how we can best help them. And this help does not necessarily mean providing the highest quality products, but more importantly how we can help you achieve the best possible outcomes.”

Once you grasp focussing on your customer’s needs, assessing the whole picture, gathering the facts and then looking for the solutions, only then does product come into the picture.

If you have a product that is good, it is easy to explain its benefits and where it can be applied. A targeted approach enables one to see the opportunities where others cannot. With this approach you can build an agile business, well-placed to capitalise on opportunities when it presents itself.

Environmental Considerations

Our commitment to ‘environmentally sustainable’ solutions is paramount, by providing a range of quality products from Bio-Productions UK Ltd. They are Europe’s leading supplier of biological urinal blocks together with a broad range of environmentally responsible cleaning solutions. Bio-Productions have a proven biological cleaning track record across a wide range of applications dating back to the 1990s.

These products are essential tools in delivering significant water savings in the washroom, providing effective on-going cleaning regimes for waste pipes, septic systems, and grease traps and clean up of urine contamination on a range of surfaces.

We encourage water conservation measures to be undertaken in buildings in every sector and look at developing an integrated solution to achieve a positive outcome – some savings in excess of 90% are possible. This includes innovative approaches to incorporate non-flushing wall mounted urinal receptacles being used.

Sanitaire Bio-Products combines proven cleaning solutions, quality support before and after sales, troubleshooting advice with the full resources backing Bio-Productions Technical Department.

Business Approach

The Sanitaire Bio-Products business philosophy is simply this:

  • to deliver support and solutional outcomes that goes beyond merely selling a product,
  • to strive for excellence in every solution we deliver,
  • a customer-centric service attitude,
  • building long-term relationships that continue to grow,
  • to provide quality solutions that produce quality outcomes that last, not just focus on price,
  • to provide tailored solutions because we’re aware of the typical problems that cleaning and services staff face daily,
  • to equip sales people to realise opportunities, and add value to their customers, and
  • to provide visionary leadership in the areas of IT support platforms.

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