The Sanitaire Bio-Products Journey


We’re commited to helping the cleaning industry be more effective in all areas. We intend to do this by empowering the cleaners, educating the decision makers, and showing our industry how the choices we make on a daily basis impact how everyone lives.

Brief History

Sanitaire Health Services was founded by Eugene (Gene) Onyschko in the 1990s, but his career in the cleaning industry started long before this.  More importantly, his interest in how the cleaning industry should service their clients, began decades earlier when he was employed in the steel industry. It was here he realised the importance of building the right culture. Gene quickly learnt that, when you help others achieve, the team is able to work at optimum levels.

Gene was introduced to biological cleaning products whilst owning Sanitaire Health Services and immediately saw the potential that ‘environmentally sustainable solutions’ could bring to the cleaning and services industries. Gene fully embraced biological cleaning solutions when he sold the ‘health care’ part of his business. Sanitaire Bio-Products was established to focus on this distinctive offering to the cleaning and services industry.

Authorised Distribution Partner

Sanitaire Bio-Products is the Authorised Distributor Partner of Bio-Productions Ltd (UK) in Australia and New Zealand.

Bio-Productions Ltd (UK) manufactures premium products and Sanitaire Bio-Products provide premium solutions to the Australian an New Zealand markets.


What drives us

Gene is passionate about providing the best possible solutions. Sanitaire Bio-Products is a servant to their clients, their staff and their community. Gene encourages his team to be positive contributors, to see themselves as part of their client’s team, part of the community where the decisions and recommendations you make have greater impact than just what you are cleaning.

With this type of commitment, Gene sees Sanitaire Bio-Products as a strategic supplier. “We exist to engage with our partners to find out how we can best help them. And this help does not necessarily mean providing the highest quality products, but more importantly, how we can help you achieve the best possible outcomes.”

Service is king

Our commitment to providing an industry leading service is based around providing what the client needs, not necessarily what they want. The strong working relationships we have built over time are based on trust of our advice; we cannot help a business unless they are receptive to this advice. Our passion determines that our advice is not “the same-old-same-old, one solution for all problems” approach, but advice based on our own experience in the cleaning and services industry.

Gene believes, “that in the cleaning and services industry; and I believe it to be true in general business; I have found that customer-centric service is your greatest company culture asset. If you don’t have customers, you don’t have a business. Every customer is important. And the culture of the business empowers each member to understand they are important, and ultimately have the correct customer focus.”

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