Our Team


Sanitaire Bio-Products brings around it a team of individuals that are committed to the same values and approach that have characterised the business since its foundation.


It brings to the table many unique skills and also complimentary ones; ones that help galvanise the Sanitaire Bio-Products team into a stronger unit. Our team is built on people that ensure orders are processed and shipped in a timely manner. We also have a small team with a wealth of experience in all aspects of sales and marketing, both printed and digital.

Growth and Development

Gene’s leadership team is committed to developing all aspects of the business, from logistics to sales, marketing in all its forms to technology, from management to strategic partnering; all with a focus on the values and approach embodied by Sanitaire Bio-Products. And the business is finalising the development of one more valued team member – a digital support platform that is unlike anything in existence in the industry it operates in.

Gene and his business is also partnering with other market leaders who can add value to his team in the areas of strategic approaches, marketing, design and implementation of digital databases.

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