The Sanitaire Bio-CAPs™ has been specially designed to effectively and efficiently dose the 29/30g biological urinal blocks in stainless and wall-hung urinals, thus preventing splash-back and blockages. The cap is a simple dome which fits over the biological urinal blocks to protect and lengthen the life of this urinal solution.

The 29/30g biological urinal blocks inside the Sanitaire Bio-CAPs™ contain special bacterial cultures that clean and deodorise urinal traps and pipes while enabling great savings of water to be made.

The Sanitaire Bio-CAPs™ can be reused and do not contain carcinogenic pDCB or other harmful or dangerous chemicals.

The Sanitaire Bio-CAPs™ is particularly suitable for use in public buildings such as shopping centres, hotels, pubs, clubs and restaurants as well as schools and institutions where care should be taken to protect people and the environment.

Use the Sanitaire Bio-CAPs™ in conjunction with Sanitaire Bio-Cleaner™ to maintain an odour-free washroom environment.



Pack of Sanitaire Bio-CAPs™ 6/pack


When not is use keep closed in the original container. Keep out of reach of children.

Features & Benefits

  • Effective in all urinal types
  • Increases the efficiency of the urinal block
  • Prologues the lifespan of the urinal block
  • Can be refilled and reused
  • Eradicates odours and uric scale build-up
  • Maintains plumbing
  • Water soluble
  • Pleasant, lasting and fresh fragrance
  • Continuous cleaning power
  • Premium microbial formulation
  • Proven to be the best biological urinal block available

Product Comparison

What you might not know about comparisons?

pDCB is a crystallised gas and only offers masking smell and some insect repellent properties. pDCB provides no cleaning efficacy at all. Some people are under the impression because pDCB blocks get smaller in the urinal that they dissolve in water. This is not so. pDCB returns to its gaseous state while ‘dissolving’ into the air when immersed in water it remains static.

Unfortunately and because of this, when pDCB blocks get small enough to drop through urinal grating they lodge in the trap and cause blockages. The various pDCB alternatives are usually made from surfactants so they provide some cleaning efficacy. These blocks are also water soluble, so they totally dissolve and cannot contribute to blocked pipes.

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