The Sanitaire Clean-up Kit contains all the materials that is necessary to quickly and efficiently deal with, and safely and responsibly dispose of, any emergency bio spills; including vomit, urine, blood and faeces as well as food and drink spillages.

The Sanitaire Clean-up Kit is ideal for use in hospitals, aged care facilities, clinics, institutions, doctors and veterinary surgeries, police stations, schools, bars, hotels, restaurants, as well as in ambulances, taxis, coaches, ships and aircraft.


Clean-up Kit Contents

• 240g Sanitaire Emergency Clean-up Powder Shaker Bottle
•  500ml Sanitaire Sta-Kill Trigger
•  Disposable paper scoop
•  1 Pair of nitrile gloves
•  Disposable Plastic Bag


When not is use keep closed in the original container. Keep out of reach of children.

Features & Benefits

  • Handy
  • Range of applications
  • Absorbent and sanitising
  • Pleasant fragrance
  • Responsible disposal of bio-spills

Product Comparison

What you might not know about comparisons?

pDCB is a crystallised gas and only offers masking smell and some insect repellent properties. pDCB provides no cleaning efficacy at all. Some people are under the impression because pDCB blocks get smaller in the urinal that they dissolve in water. This is not so. pDCB returns to its gaseous state while ‘dissolving’ into the air when immersed in water it remains static.

Unfortunately and because of this, when pDCB blocks get small enough to drop through urinal grating they lodge in the trap and cause blockages. The various pDCB alternatives are usually made from surfactants so they provide some cleaning efficacy. These blocks are also water soluble, so they totally dissolve and cannot contribute to blocked pipes.

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