Failure vs. success in washroom urinals

Only a skilled and experienced operator can combine a range of biological cleaning products to deliver a system that can solve cleaning problems right away, followed by proactive maintenance that will continue to reduce costs over time. How can this be achieved? Consider two different scenarios:

Failure vs. Success

Failure – The waterless urinals of a brand-new building were removed three years after it had been completed due to constantly blocked drains and persistent odour issues, despite it being only five years old. As part of an environmental process, the waterless urinals were specified in the building’s design to principally save water.

Success – Since 2009, the presentation manager of a stadium has been using an integrated biological cleaning solution that had been provided to them by Sanitaire Bio-Products. The millennium drought, and the need to save precious water resources, caused constantly blocked drains and persistent odour issues. Having tried several different solutions that didn’t solve these issues, they approached Sanitaire Bio-Products who provided them with a simple holistic solution that fixed it straight away. They have been using the same approach since then.

Sanitaire Bio-Products is the authorised Australian and New Zealand distribution partner for Bio-Productions Ltd (UK), the manufacturer of a range of superior biological cleaning products. They work in partnership to present effective biological cleaning solutions to the local market.

Premium cleaning products are mistakenly labelled as expensive, without any knowledge of the time and money savings that are the result of incorporating them into everyday cleaning tasks. Coupled with reliable premium and targeted solutions especially, this holistic approach delivers sustained results that impress long after price has been forgotten.

What creates the point of difference in washrooms, common areas, waste rooms, kitchens, and many other areas that have a problem with ingrained organic dirt and resultant odour? Fixing the problem!

It starts with a premium product that delivers

Using premium biological cleaning products has several benefits that make it a sensible investment.

Firstly – Biological cleaning products offer a higher level of quality and reliability compared to standard chemical cleaners because they are manufactured using specially selected strains of microbes that are designed to attack the problem at the source. A natural enzyme factory, this means that they tend to last longer and perform considerably better than short-living, harsh, and hazardous chemical cleaning products, and normal enzymatic cleaners.

Secondly – Premium biological cleaning products are designed with cleaners in mind because they work first time, require less time to maintain, and takes into account the OH&S of the one who’s using it. They target a broader range of cleaning challenges, replacing several traditional chemicals in the process thereby resulting in lower chemical usage; a better overall experience.

Thirdly – Another benefit of using premium biological cleaning products is that it adds value to the user. These superior products and holistic approach are better for the environment as they are made with more ecologically sensitive raw materials and processes. In most cases, premium biological cleaning products also reduces water usage. They are specifically designed to work in both low water and hard water conditions such as Adelaide, Perth and some regional areas. These features help to conserve this precious resource and reduce overall water usage, which contributes to conserving natural biomes and leads to lower water bills. These benefits, combined with the peace of mind that comes with knowing you are using a high-quality product, make it a smart choice for those who are looking for the easiest possible experience and value for money.

The best example of a premium biological product is the original Biological Urinal Blocks developed by Bio-Productions Ltd (UK). This is the best formulation for use in urinals and remains the industry-leading standard in Australia and around the world in delivering conditioning and softening microbes to pipework, whilst getting rid of bed smells in the process.

Premium solutions; enhancing the power of biological cleaning products

Premium solutions utilise premium biological cleaning products, combined with a process that incorporates a broad holistic approach, and used in smaller amounts than voluminous and cheap chemical cleaners, to deliver targeted and sustained results. At the heart of premium biological solutions lies improvements in efficiency and time savings in washrooms, ultimately resulting in increased profitability. It also lowers maintenance costs and increases asset lifespan, while driving maximum water savings. All this, coupled with reliable and prompt customer support, ensures that any cleaning issues or technical obstacles are quickly resolved. This level of support and timely provision of workable solutions is especially important for customers, as blocked drains, too much time spent cleaning, and lingering odour and stains, can leave a bad impression.

A premium solution is simple yet effective because it incorporates a holistic mindset and will work in most conditions. It delivers an ongoing solution that works all the time.

In conclusion

Consider the two scenarios in the introduction again. If the owners of new building did not remove the original waterless urinals but adopted a slightly different approach that incorporated biological cleaning solutions, the specified sanitaryware would still be there. They would have saved a great deal of money and inconvenience.

The presentation managers of the stadium have continued to use the same biological cleaning solutions for the past twenty-four years. Irrespective of drought and wet conditions, they have resisted the temptation to move to cheaper chemical cleaning products that would have reversed the correct approach that has been successful all these years. In the event of another drought, and there is not a holistic biological regime in place, then all previous gains will be lost down the drain.

Using premium biological cleaning products and solutions offers many benefits that make it a smart investment for those looking for an easy, efficient, and eco-friendly cleaning approach. Premium biological cleaning solutions use smaller amounts of high-quality cleaning products to deliver targeted and sustained outcomes, ultimately resulting in increased profitability. Coupled with support from a truly results-focused supplier, cleaning problems can be quickly resolved and prevented, leading to cleaner facilities and reduced costs over time. The next time you consider the cost of premium cleaning solutions, remember the benefits and money-saving opportunities they offer.

Expensive plumbing repairs
Expensive plumbing repairs
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