How is biology shaping the future of cleaning?

Bacteria can be found everywhere, outnumbering all other life on the planet. This largest domain of organisms can be either dangerous; in the case of infection; or beneficial; such as the rising popularity of fermented drinks that promote a healthy gut. And these one-celled organisms are most welcome when they are catalysed and harnessed to combat bacteria that produce smells when they are allowed to proliferate in washrooms, kitchens, drains, and organic waste environments.

Only when using carefully chosen strains of good bacteria can the right process of biodegradation be achieved. Bacteria itself cannot break down organic waste. These non-pathogenic organisms produce enzymes that attach to organic waste and break it down into natural by-products such as water and carbon dioxide. And by using specific strains of bacteria is the process a thousand times faster than in the natural habitat.


Biological cleaning solutions have revolutionised commercial and household cleaning. A range of targeted biological cleaning products have been developed that attack the problem at its source, eliminates the resultant smell and stains, and keeps on working long after enzyme-only and harmful chemical substances have stopped reacting.

Using biological cleaning solutions is the responsible approach to a safe and sanitary environment. Unlike harmful and toxic chemicals, the friendly bacteria in the biological cleaning products do not pose a threat to human health and wellbeing, and natural habitats.

Biological cleaning solutions are appropriate for a wide range of situations, from washrooms to carpets, waste disposal to bio-spills, pests to plumbing works, anywhere that organic waste is a problem. And using biological cleaning products is a truly holistic approach because one product can cover many potential uses. In a washroom for instance, a single biological cleaner can account for walls, floors, urinals, toilets; everything; except perhaps mirrors. This one-solution-for-all ultimately saves time and money as it replaces many different cleaning products that only mask or temporarily fix the problem.

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